May Update: Intro Video for Chapter I

This is the intro right before Chapter I in alpha version of the game Essence Reaper Ritual. If crowdfunding goes well, we would add professional voices to the characters, and we would improve a bit the graphics, add more lights, etc.

April Update: Combat improved!

Hi everyone! We have been quiet for a while though not idle! We give you today a proof of that. We have linked attacks scripts with animations and music. We have added controls for one of the two cuadripeds characters who might join you during the game. Frame per seconds dont look good on the video as the software we use to capture the screen video from Unity works at 30 FPS. We also integrated the RTS (Real Time Strategy) camera with the third person/First person camera script, that way you may choose how your game is going to be. Yes, RTS camera, we are doing some basic testing on the scripting,design and animations for the RTS part of the game, with different regiments of 30 units each! If all goes well we might start showing some beta test by summer.


March 04th, 2016

This is one of the Playable Characters who may join your party of adventures during the game. Oleg OreFinder, the Mad Cleric. On the book of Essence Reaper Ritual is probably one of the funniest main characters along Fred the gnome.


March 07, 2016

We were thinking on releasing some real gameplays by summer, however things have gone faster than initially expected and we could not wait to provide you with it. Here it is, one of the initial levels of the game. Welcome to The Merry Unicorn Inn at The Cross!


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