Legends of Eternalia is an universe based upon the books the Trilogy of the Essence Reaper and its  videogame currently under development, expected to be released in July 2017

The world of Eternalia is a fantasy universe where humans, elfs, dwarfs, orcs, goblins, and a broad variety of creatures dwell, and it is strongly inspired on different mythologies, mainly Celtic, Scandinavian and Greek. In some ways is like a distorted vision of both our pre-and post-medieval world, with a strong presence of magic, fantastic creatures and gods.

Learn more about the coming soon videogame and books on this website. Don’t miss our videos either! We will be updating them from time to time, and as the game progresses, we will add more content.



Essence Reaper Ritual is being developed using Unity Engine. Without Unity and its ever helpful broad community, our game would hardly have gone this far.



We are using Dialogue Manager produced by Pixel Crushers, which provides with a flexible dialogue system as well as a quests manager. A RPG without quests would not be a proper RPG!

Dialogue Manager through his Lua environment allows our Essence Reaper Ritual game to handle and save a wide range of variables.



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