The Essence Reaper Ritual is a classical epic fantasy RPG videogame where you lead a party of up to 5 adventurers. Your decisions will shape the world of Eternalia and the party members willing to join you.

The game will be available in Steam by the end of September 2017:

Online Manual: 

An ancient creature, the Great Necromancer, who was thought destroyed 1000 years ago is rising again, he is one with the power to absorb the essence of any living creature and even the very essence of the gods.

With the gods of not help for the living, what would happen if the solution is as daresome as the evil rising? What if the best solution seems to summon a mighty entropic demon with the ability to withstand the Great Necromancer´s powers? This is the story of the group of adventures who joined forces to save the world of Eternalia and make the decisions to change it forever. This is your adventure, these are your choices.

Your decisions will shape your character as well as others and the world of Ethernalia. By making choices during your adventures, your character will take a different Spiritual Path; Order or Entropy, Benign or Evil, or keep yourself apart remaining neutral to any of those universal forces. Your actions will define your character, but they will also have an impact on the companions willing to join your party as well as the regiments and allies willing to join your army … or they might just fight against you if they have an antagonist alignment.

This is “Legends of Eternalia: Essence Reaper Ritual”

Essencereaper Ritual is a RPG (Rol Playing Game).  As a RPG game you will travel over the west part of the continent known as Ethernalia, looting, questing, killing monsters while followed during your adventures by up to 4 companions. There might be up 12 different companions that could join your cause. During the adventures, you will also gather allies, territories and regiments to make an army that you will need to fight enemies.

During the game, depending of your actions and the Spiritual Path you choose, the companions willing to join you or stay with you will be different, and that goes as well for the regiments you can recruit for your army . There are some antogonism rewards you will get by choosing a particular decision that favour one spiritual path. Choose to fight slavers, and a Paladin companion might join you, choose to help the slavers and you may get gold and a dark paladin in your party. Those are your choices, and it is up to you to shape the destiny of you character as well as Ethernalia course of events.


Ethernalia is the known world, the word Ethernalia can be used to described the entire world or to refer to the continent where all known nations are. No other nation has been found outside the continent, and the surrounding seas have not been explored much. All explorers either have been pulled back to land by sea monsters and deadly storms or they have never been seen again.

Essencereaper Ritual take place in the Western nations. In the South, there is the Imperium, a country based on imperalist and conquering ideals where slavery is permitted and encouraged. In the middle, the Merchant Cities, a wealthy nation where the 5 richest merchants of the 5 richest major cities rules in a Council. In the North, nordic clans of men, dwarves and orcs lives and fight each other. It is said the legendary white elves live in The North in a concilied underground city.

We are in the year 607 AEW, After the Entropic Wars, a series of catastrophic events caused by gods fighting and destroying each other, in times when gods were allowed to walk and take direct actions in the mundane planes. During that time, the very made of the mundane plane was distorted and surges of Entropy waves surged in many places, allowing entropic demons not only to enter the mundane plane but to remain on it. Several gods and minor deities were destroyed during those times and more than half of the population of Eternalia perished.


Essence Reaper Ritual is being developed using Unity Engine. Without Unity and its ever helpful broad community, our game would hardly have gone this far.



We are using Dialogue System produced by Pixel Crushers, which provides with a flexible dialogue system as well as a quests manager. A RPG without quests would not be a proper RPG!

Dialogue Manager through his Lua environment allows our Essence Reaper Ritual game to handle and save a wide range of variables.



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